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Dec 13

From Public Radio International’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn:

Brian K. Vaughan has the kind of strange and epic vision that’s made for science fiction and fantasy. He’s written award-winning comic book series like Ex Machina and Y: The Last Man, and crafted otherworldly storylines for several seasons of Lost. His works are notable for their intimacy and beautiful, meticulously crafted characters, despite grandly epic settings. His most recent comic book series Saga is a prime example: Vaughan presents a fundamentally domestic story of parents trying to give their child a good life, backed by a colossal, galactic war. He joins us this week to share why he enjoys storytelling on a grand scale. Vaughan also explains why writing stories about lesser-known comic characters — like Marvel’s weird wildman Ka-Zar — can be preferable to writing about the big names like Spiderman, and he tracks how fatherhood has affected his writing.

A collection of the first six issues of Brian K. Vaughan’s monthly comic book series Saga is available now.

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HAve you read Saga?!?  HAVE YOU READ SAGA?!?!?!

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