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Aug 2

K-LOL: Drunken Olympics

Why not watch our latest web goof?  It’s about THE OLYMPICS!!!!

Enjoy the video?  Want to do us a solid?  Head over to the show page and leave us a nice comment (it goes a long way).   

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    Sketch Guild is gonna start posting sketch and comedy videos we like every now and then, because why not? We’re starting...
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    The only thing better than the Olympics? Well done Olympic goofs. Hit that triangle! Unless you’re at work! Or your...
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    Check out K-LOL the internet’s local news and watch out for my DANCING DAVE CAMEO (shirtless)
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    I love this show so much. If you’re not already #1 SUPERFANS of Jordan Morris, Eliza Skinner, Marissa A. Ross and Jack...
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