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Nov 4

Tower Heist - My final goof.

Here it is.  My last goofy press junket for Fuel TV. Thank you celebrities, you’ve been very tolerant (except you Casey Affleck, who gave me a death stare the whole time).

I actually quite liked this movie, but maybe I’m just a sucker for Matthew Broderick sad-sacking around.

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  3. jklamm said: Staying on point for extended death stares is an art. Looking forward to whatever comes next.
  4. rcmoore said: last ever? but it’s not fair. that’s not fair…
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    Gabourey Sidibe is the sweetest fucking thing in this. Mega-adorbs.
  6. laurenddddd said: Jordan, how awesome did it feel to make Gabourey Sidibe lose her shit so hard? I felt pretty awesome just watching it.
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